Tile & Grout Cleaning




Tile & Grout Cleaning

Stone and tile & grout floors are becoming increasing popular in homes today. Homeowners can choose between ceramic tile, marble, slate, travertine, and granite, and soapstone among others. While sweeping and mopping is necessary for daily maintenance, professional cleaning and sealing is necessary to keep your floors looking their best. Oil and grease mixes with fine particulate soil to create a thin film on the surface that can not be removed with a mop. Brush agitation and stone-specific detergent cleaners are the necessary tools to do the job. Below are outlined the basic steps involved in hard surface cleaning.

First, we apply a pre-conditioner specifically made for the type of surface we are cleaning. For example, for marble we use a mild alkaline-based cleaner since an acid-based cleaner could etch the surface of the tiles. An acid-based cleaner is necessary, however to remove soap buildup on ceramic tiles.

We scrub the grout using a brush to release built-up soils. The main agitation is provided by our high-speed rotary cleaning machine which uses brushes to suspend and release soil.

Clean and Rinse                                                                                                                            The rotary cleaning machine both agitates and rinses the tiles. It is attached to our truck-mounted steam cleaning unit, providing water at temperatures of 230 degrees and simultaneously removing all soil and water from the floor. The tile dries within a matter of minutes and can be walked on immediately.

All hard surface floors need to be sealed to prevent permanent staining. For ceramic tiles, we use water-based grout sealer. For stone floors, we use either water-based or solvent-based sealers, depending on the type of stone and traffic level.